The M4A1-Royal Dragon is a classic weapon in CrossFire. We've tested players' movement speed when equipped with the M4A1-Royal Dragon, and the results are very encouraging. Now, let's take a look at the M4A1-Royal Dragon's detailed specs.

1.Damage & Armor Correction






With Armor





No Armor





The M4A1-Royal Dragon's Armor Correction is 20%.

(Armor Correction: The amount of damage reduced when enemies are wearing a helmet and/or vest. The lower the Armor Correction, the less damage reduced after penetrating a helmet or vest. Helmets and vests provide no protection for hands or legs.)

Summary: In this category, the M4A1-Royal Dragon is the same as the other M4A1s.


2.Distance Correction

(Distance Correction: Damage decreases as distance increases)

Zero Range:

Hand: 30

Chest 30

Leg 20


Hand: 28-29

Chest 28-29

Leg 19


Hand: 27

Chest 27

Leg 18

Ultra Long-Range:

It's very difficult to hit the head or legs from a long distance, so we only have data for the damage done to the body. The M4A1-Thor's damage to the body is 27, while all the other M4s' damage is 26. Note that it's impossible to precisely calculate distances in the mobile version, so the data provided is approximate.


3.Obstacle Correction (damage reduced (%) after penetrating an obstacle)

Max Level Specialization: 0

Lv.0 Specialization: 0

All weapons of the M4A1 series have zero Obstacle Correction. With or without specializations, their damage won't be reduced by obstacles.


4.Basic Stats

Firing Rate: 631 RPM

Reload Time: 1.400s

Movement Speed: 95.77

Weapon Switch Time: 0.550s

Magazine: 38/114

(The movement speed value while holding a knife is set as 100 and used as the base value. Movement speeds while holding other weapons are based on this base value.)


The Royal Dragon's firing rate is the same as all the other M4A1 weapons—631RPM.

The Royal Dragon has a reload time of 1.400s. It's a decent speed—not the fastest, but not the slowest, either.

Movement speed is the greatest feature of the Royal Dragon. We've tested the time spent to move from Pit A to Platform A on the "Desert" map while equipped with different M4A1s. Royal Dragon: 12.890s; Thor and Beast: 13.640s; other M4A1s: 13.955s. To give you a better idea—if the movement speed is 100 for a knife, it's 95.77 for the Royal Dragon, 90.50 for both the Thor and the Beast, and 88.46 for all the other M4A1s. There's another surprising fact—you'll move faster while holding the Royal Dragon than holding the Desert Eagle-Camo! You read that right—faster than holding a secondary weapon! When it comes to movement speed, the Royal Dragon is the fastest among all assault rifles in CrossFire: Legends.

The Royal Dragon's weapon switch time is 0.550s, while most of other M4A1s with a silencer have a weapon switch time of 0.600s.

The Royal Dragon has relatively good ammo capacity—38 bullets in the main magazine and 3 spare magazines.



When it comes to ballistics, the M4A1-Royal Dragon is more or less the same as all the other M4A1s.

Human target from the same distance:



When it comes to accuracy, the M4A1-Royal Dragon is more or less the same as all the other M4A1s.



All in all, the M4A1-Royal Dragon has no obvious weaknesses while providing an amazing movement speed for players. It's extremely valuable when firing shots at enemies and dodging enemy bullets. There are so many weapons in this game, but the M4A1-Royal Dragon is still considered a more-than-decent, if not great, weapon.